Are You Consent Ready?

Easily audit and classify your website cookies in less than a few minutes. Consent Ready plugin helps you be in accordance to the Cookie law by asking for people's consent over what cookies they want to allow.

No technical expertise needed

We have made a simple Plug and Play design

Control over Classification

Do you want to classify a cookie in a different way? It’s a click away.

We audit external cookies too

Did you know that your website might be responsible for external cookies too? We got you covered.

Become Consent Ready in 5 mins

With our plugin you can get a quick cookie audit and become consent ready within minutes. No need to hire a developer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. We have a plugin in the works that helps you through the setup.

Definitely, as long as the main domain is the one you paid the license for. i.e. if your domain is you will be able to use this on,, etc

NOTE that you will need to run a cookie audit on all the subdomains otherwise your cookies might be unclassified.

Yep, definitely. We have a simple plug-and-play option for you to use.

As you will be fully compliant with the cookie law as long as you run the full audit and classify your cookies accordingly, this plugin will not make you fully compliant with the other aspects of GDPR related to data processing consents. You can contact us if you want us to run a GDPR audit on your website(s).

You can always re-run the audit through our services free of charge and update and classify the list of cookies automatically. Or you can add them manually yourself in the backend of your site.

YES! And you don’t need any technical expertise to do so. You can always run a new audit on your site using free of charge and you can update/edit/remove and classify your cookies yourself.

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